Student’s Digest (SD), the flagship publication of SD Publications, Inc., supplements the teaching of civics and culture in grade school and social studies in high school. Its cover stories delve on timely topics in history, geography, culture, government, the arts, peace education, values, environmental awareness, current events, and outstanding Filipinos, among others. As a pioneering periodical for basic education, SD began publication in 1980. Go to Page

Ang Integratibong Suplemento Filipino ay isang kasangkapan na makatutulong sa mga mag-aaral sa elementarya at haiskul upang higit na mapaunlad ang kanilang kaisipan at kasanayan sa wikang Filipino at panitikang Pilipino. Nakabatay sa Kurikulum ng K to 12 ng Department of Education (DepEd) ang nilalaman ng bawat kuwarter ng suplemento. Go to Page

S&T Digest supplements the teaching of science and health in grade school and science and technology in high school. It features various topics related to science and technology, while integrating other subjects, such as values in its articles and columns. S&T presents in-depth yet easy to understand discussions of various concepts based on the curriculum for science, health and technology. Go to Page

Reinforce your mathematics program for high school! Math Ex magazine provides learners with fun, varied and interesting math exercises and problem sets that help them understand and master math concepts and skills. This material is a skill builder in itself—users of this magazine are challenged to be more creative and critical. Go to Page

Reinforce your communication arts and literature program! The goal of the magazine is to provide students and teachers with additional resources to become excellent communicators. Each edition provides interesting activities and exercises that develop the language macro-skills — reading, listening, writing and speaking, including critical thinking skills. Go to Page

Instead of focusing exclusively on issues based on religion, Values and Virtues Today (V2day) gives emphasis on the universality of values. V2day focuses on the values and virtues which guide students as they go about their daily lives. Every issue, each grade and high school level features a particular “value focus” which forms the basis for all the articles and activities in the issue. Go to Page