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Technology is no longer a stranger inside the classroom. As computers, tablets, and the Internet have become familiar tools for learning, one can say that technology is now an invaluable part of our education system. Soon enough, wearable technology will be joining this movement of combining technology and learning. Read on to get a glimpse on how such a combination can benefit students and teachers alike.


Richer Learning Experience

Perhaps when presented with the idea of letting students use wearable gadgets in class, one may only picture technology as an interference to the learning. What if the students check their social media accounts instead of using the gadget to write discussion notes? While such a scenario is possible, the benefits of wearable technology certainly outweigh its disadvantages. In fact, such “distractions” can even be eliminated because the teacher can simply restrict certain features of the gadget during class.

Wearable technology promises a richer learning experience for students. For example, instead of a passive discussion on Asian countries, students can view videos that feature each country using their smart glasses. This principle can be applied as well to other subjects, such as showing old photographs to liven up history lessons or a step-by-step guide for students in conducting science experiments. Moreover, these gadgets can be used for easy note-taking or recording of lectures to be reviewed later on.

Physical education can also be enhanced using wearable technology. Instead of simply following exercise routines, students can look into their fitness wristband devices for health statistics, such as heart rate, breathing rate, and hydration levels, among others. Through these data, teachers can monitor the progress of their students in an effective and efficient manner, as well as ensure that they stay safe when executing difficult exercises.


Better Student Management

Equipping teachers with wearable technology can also do wonders for classroom management. For example, a teacher with more than a hundred students from different classes may not be able to memorize each one’s name right away. However, using the facial recognition feature of smart glasses, the teacher can identify each student quickly. Smart watches can also be used to send quick e-mails to students regarding a change in schedule or a test announcement.

Wearable technology is now a growing industry. While it may not be fully available to our classrooms as of the moment—given the lack of budget of most schools—it still presents intriguing possibilities for a more engaging teaching-learning experience.

Still wondering how wearable technology can make your learning experience more exciting? Here’s an infographic created by Wideo, an online video creation platform, on the different types of wearable devices and their uses.


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